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Dr.Anas Abdulrazzaq Etek - Internist

Aleppo university

Dr. Abbas bin Abdat

MBChB Ain shams university

Dr. Mohamed Hosny Abo Habib
( ENT )

Master Degree ORL

Dr. Ridha Attia Elashmawy
( ENT Specialist )

Ain shams university

Dr. Samah Sabry Ahamed
( Gynecology )

MBChB, 14 years of experience in Gynecology

Dr. Ayman Taha
( Opthalmologist )

MBChB 2003

Dr. Emad Mohammed Al Shobaki

Faculty of medicine

Dr. Emad Mohammed 
Al Shobaki 

Adea university 2012

Dr. Mohammed Saifuddin

MBBS - Osmania university 1986

Dr. Hassein A Gad
Faculty of medicine

Bachelor of internal medicine & general surgery.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan


DR. Hassan Mohamed Ali
Faculty OF Medicine December 2000

SPEC / General practitioner

Dr. Maha Fikry 
BDS , Ain Shams university 2006

Endodontic diploma 2010

Mai Ali Eid
Bachelor of dental surgery

Diploma in oral surgery 2010

Dr. Ibrahim Farag
BDS Ain Shams University 2005

Endodontic Diploma 2010

Dr. Ahmed Salwan Ali El -Farra

University of science and technology - Sana

Dr. Mohammed Kamal Al Sharkawi
BDS 2005 6 October

Endodontic diploma 2010

Dr.Manar El Sayed Mohmoud Elnabawy Hclal

Mansoura University

Abeer Saleh Abdullah Ahmed

B.D.S 2009, Science and Technology university Sana

Dr. Madyha al said

Master degree
30 years experience in pediatrics.

Dr. El Sayed Fahim Abdelsamie

MBChB Zagazig university
Master degree from Cairo

Dr. Alaa Almosilhy Khattab

Radiology 1996
Cairo university 1992

Dr. Osama Abd ul Hakim

Master degree of Radiology Ain Shams
21 years of experience .

Dr. Rasha Fawzy Abdulaziz Mohamed

Lab specialist

Emon M Abou Sadeqh

Bachelor degree in Medical Labouratory 2009

Dr. Mohamed Al Said El Zarka

Faculty of pharmacy,

Dr. Raja Yasar.

B.Pharmacy - 2004